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Mobile app development can be frustrating if you work with a design and development team who do not have a clear understanding of your vision.

Our mobile app development team thrive on challenging projects. We have designers who can turn your ideas into a visual presentation, and developers who turn the visual into a  fully tested and bug-free mobile app.

This is then delivered to you and submitted to Google Play and the Apple app store for review.

We offer 3 options of Mobile App development to suit all budgets and project needs.

Mobile App Development
TAD Media App Development

Fully Responsive and Fully Mobile App

We can build you a full WordPress website which is not only fully responsive, but also fully mobile.

Whilst it does not need to be submitted or downloaded from Google Play or the Apple app store, it looks and works like a mobile app.

It also allows our clients the flexibility of updating in-real-time especially if you are running an eCommerce website. It's a fantastic solution for online stores.

Fully Native iOS and Android WordPress App

We can integrate the latest mobile app technology into your WordPress platform to turn your website into a fully native iOS and Android app.

This works with your WordPress website which is also fully responsive. It allows us to update both website and app through the web back-end admin area.

The app is submitted to Google Play and the Apple App store and offers "Push" notification as well as other fully native mobile app functions.

Stand-alone Native iOS and Android Mobile App

This option is a fully bespoke mobile app. Our team will design and develop your app from start to finish.

We will help you turn your idea into a visual presentation followed by a fully functioning, bug-free and tested mobile app.

A website is not required for this option as it is a native stand-alone app built specifically for mobile devices.

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