Woocommerce web development can increase sales by adding products to an online store. You can setup either a single vendor or multi-vendor online store with a search and category listing of products which customers can view and buy.

Woocomerce which is the WordPress add-on to enable the eCommerce function on a WordPress website, is a web based shopping cart system that allows the user to view products, add to cart and check out by using PayPal, Stripe or other payment providers. It is a secure and safe environment as well as a convenient place for your customers.

Unlike a physical store, an online store never closes and is available to customer world-wide. The added benefit of an online store is the cost of running and the increase of customer you can achieve vs a physical store. Even if you do not own a physical store you can still sell products online as your main business outlet. Further benefits include increase in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web traffic and most of all sales and profit.

Woocommerce is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) developed by WordPress. It is an add-on that can easily turn your existing website into an online store. However, you will need a professional and experienced WordPress and Woocommerce web developer to build the platform for you. The platform can also host bespoke design and coding to enable further functions that are not a standard part of Woocommerce.

These include functions such as “Click ‘n’ Collect”, Shipping Tracking, Quotations, Additional Invoice Options, Extra Product Options and many other customized functions to enhance your Woocommerce online store. We can even add an ePOS solution to your Woocommerce website to enable your physical shop and online shop to host the same products that are held and work from the same database. This is a solution that TAD Media offer as an add-on to benefit the way in which your business runs as a physical and online shop.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is an important part of any website. Woocommerce websites are no different. When adding a product, it is important to ensure that the correct title and product description is used with the correct keywords and keyword placement so that the search engines such as Google can find your website and products. Whilsts products may not always be available due to stock levels and in some cases may also be removed from the Woocommerce online store, it does not mean that SEO should be left out in this area of the website.

At TAD Media, we understand the main principles behind building a solid, scalable and secure Woocomerce online store. Our team are experts in WordPress and Woocommerce web development and have years of experience in building professional online stores that provide businesses with a return on investment. Combined with a large library of in-house tools, applications and resources, we can custom design and develop your product listings and product pages to meet your business and customer needs. Our WordPress and Woocommerce websites can help your business grow and succeed online.

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